Even through the Skype platform Steve is an apt pedagogue. His passion and authority over the craft were not at all inhibited. He was able to quickly and efficiently diagnose some of my own tendencies and offer guidance that led to some breakthroughs in my own sound production and playing concepts. All of this from 700 miles away! It’s a thing of beauty and I look forward to continued study.

Study with Steve!

Are you interested in lessons with Steve? He is offering both local lessons in Brooklyn and remotely over Skype.

  • Are you a beginner, looking for some direction?

  • Are you auditioning for colleges, and would like some guidance?

  • Are you a recent college graduate, transitioning into the professional world?

  • Are you thinking about moving to New York, and want some tips for surviving your first six months?

  • Do you live somewhere where you don’t have access to a teacher locally?

  • Are you having trouble learning a song, and need some guidance?

  • Does the band you play with need a coach?

Steve can help you!

Steve is happy taking on long-term students, as well as people who just need one lesson to figure out how to play a song they like, or need some ideas for practicing. Whatever your level, he can offer you helpful tips that can improve your playing.

He will:

  • Help you establish a good practice routine.

  • Go over audition materials and strategies.

  • Teach you the fundamentals of playing the bass.

  • Work with you on developing advanced concepts of rhythm and harmony.

  • Work with ensembles to create a more cohesive sound.

  • Help you learn your favorite bass line.

Steve is an experienced teacher of both the double bass and electric bass, as well as ensembles. He was chair of the bass department at Universidad San Francisco de Quito (a Berklee international affiliate), where he taught bass to students who were beginners to pre-professionals, as well as coaching ensembles. He was also on faculty at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for over ten years, conducting big bands and teaching fundamentals to high school students. Since his move to New York, he has taught students with a wide range of experience, from complete beginners trying to get through their favorite song to retired semi-professionals who wanted to polish their technique.

Steve is comfortable teaching in English and Japanese, as well as students who primarily speak Spanish, who have some English background.


Feel free to reach out through the contact page if have any questions about lessons. He’ll be happy to hear from you, and answer any questions you might have.